Lawmakers are trying to ban the sale of powdered alcohol in Tennessee.

It comes after a federal agency approved the product called Palcohol.

But some believe the product could do more harm than good.

When mixed with water, Palcohol essentially becomes a cocktail.

Mark Phillips created the product and explained in a video on
Palcohol's website
the product was designed to make it easier to carry alcohol around.

But Brian Sullivan with Addiction Campuses in Nashville points out a number of issues with Palcohol's marketing.

“The packaging looks very much like Capri-Sun, which could easily be marketed to children,” Sullivan said.

Senator Bill Ketron, R-Murfreesboro filed a bill Thursday to ban the product, citing the opportunity for abuse.

Critics have pointed out the possibility of the product being snorted. Phillips responded in his video by saying it would burn if the product was snorted and that it would take an hour just to snort the equivalent of one shot of vodka.

“How do we know this? Did they snort it themselves? Did they demonstrate this? These are questions people need to be asking,” Sullivan added.

For Sullivan, dependency is real and is something he sees on a daily basis.

“This is an issue that we don't take lightly. This is an issue that we see every day and it destroys families,” he said.

Palcohol's website says the product is expected to be available in stores this summer. Thirteen state have already passed laws banning the product and Tennessee could be next. The bill will be heard before a house subcommittee next week.

“I watched the video and I found holes in it and I think everyone should and every one should be asking question. I'm glad the senate is,” Sullivan said.

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