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UPDATE: McKamey officials looking for dog involved in attack

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UPDATE: Officials at McKamey say they've spotted the Siberian Huksey accused of biting a woman and her dog.

They're found him on Craig's List, but now the post has disappeared and the animal shelter has asked the Chattanooga Police Department's assistance.

If you live in the Magnolia Gardens subdivision, you may spend some of your time looking over your shoulder, making sure you're not one Husky's next target.

"Terrified, I'm very terrified, I'm afraid every time I walk out the door," said Shari Franz.

Tuesday afternoon Shari Franz was taking her dog for a walk along Joiner Road, when this Husky came up from behind and attacked her, and her Pug Teddy.

"He made no sound at all, he just appeared out of nowhere, and he knocked me to the ground and tore my dog out of my arms," said Franz.

Shari and her dog were severely injured during the attack. She took Teddy to Animal Clinic East for treatment. After the vet fixed Teddy all up, the Husky was back again, wating outside the animal clinic.

“He's even shown up at the vet where I took my dog, and was there outside the vet," said Franz.

This is the shirt Shari was wearing the day of the attack. Her shirt is all damaged, and so are her glasses. Shari tells me her doctor bill is going to be in the thousands. She says she is grateful to be alive. But she says she owes a thank you to her neighbor Amanda who is pregnant, who helped get the husky off of her. Amanda says she's no hero.

"All I really thought in the beginning was just to help her; I wasn't concerned about anything else, just helping her," said Coots.

The male husky is still on the loose, the owner can't be found, and Shari is worried she could possibly have contracted rabies. She is hoping animal control captures the Husky.

"He returns to this corner all the time, and I'm going to have to go through rabies shots if they don't find him," said Coots.

Officials need your help finding this dog. They say it's a large male, Siberian Husky, Black and White in color. He was last seen in the Indian Creek Lane area. If you see this dog, call McKamey.

 PREVIOUS STORY: McKamey animal officials are searching for a Siberian Husky that was involved in the attack on another dog and the dog's owner in the area behind Kohl's on Gunbarrel Road. 

The owner and her dog both received multiple bites. 

Officers tried to catch the dog shortly after the incident but the dog got away.  It was later picked up by a someone and taken to the Wilson/Ooltewah-Ringgold Road area and placed in an enclosure. The dog managed to escape the fenced enclosure. 

The dog is described as a very large male, Siberian Husky, black and white in color.  He was last seen in the Indian Creek Lane area. 

If you see this dog please call McKamey at 423-305-6500.  If found outside the city limits in Hamilton County call the Humane Society emergency line 423-802-1070.  

Do not attempt to confine the animal. 

If the dog is not located the woman bitten will have to under go the post exposure rabies vaccine shot series. 

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