The Soddy Daisy community is on the lookout for one or more gunmen responsible for shooting at drivers on a busy road.

Police say it happened to one or possibly two drivers late Wednesday night on Dayton Pike in front of the Freedom Worship Center. No one was hurt but the community is sharing the story on social media before someone is hurt.

The victim told Channel 3 off camera he thinks the shots were fired from atop a hill by the Freedom Worship Center. There's a bullet hole in the driver's side of his car from the incident at 11:45 p.m. Wednesday.

Police Chief Phillip Hamrick said his department is tracking leads and stepping up enforcement. Officers checked the wooded area but didn't find anything.

"I don't think they had a car at the scene," Hamrick said. "They might've had a car parked some place but that would just be speculation."

The victim told Channel 3 his wife was angry and fearful when she posted a Facebook status reading in part, "It hit our car just inches from where our kids often are. I will give a cash reward to anyone that leads me to this punk. This idiot could have killed my husband or one of our kids."

That Facebook post had almost 5,000 shares by Friday afternoon.

The post also alleges a second person's car was shot but Hamrick said that person did not yet file a police report.

"We don't know about the other because that person left before we got there. We'd like for that person to come in and make a report because they may know something that we don't know," he said.

Hamrick said the charges could be serious and he asks anyone with information to call the Soddy Daisy Police Department.