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Hamilton Co School Board sends security camera issue back to County Commission

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Months after a decision had been made to add security cameras to Hamilton County Schools, the issue is being sent back to County Commissioners.

Last year, the old Ooltewah Middle School property, which was owned by the county, was sold for 2-point-2 million dollars.

School board members agreed in November to use that money for new security cameras at the schools.

That process is now being held up by an amendment that was added in February that involves another deal; proceeds from the future sale of East Brainerd Elementary to be split evenly among the districts. School board members now say different schools have different needs.

Rhonda Thurman, Hamilton County School Board member, "I'm just hoping that they'll all be done pretty quickly, We've had someone looking at what we need at different schools, some schools have pretty good security, some don't have any at all."

The School Board says there are additional safety issues that also need to be addressed at certain schools.

There is no set timeline on when this issue will be discussed, or when the cameras would be added.

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