MURFREESBORO, TN (WRCB)--It wasn't the greatest of days for Chattanooga prep basketball, first it was Brainerd, falling in the early game compliments of CPA and then Chattanooga Central, falling to Ripley in Thursday's late game.

" If they hadn't of done that we would have won that game so easy," says Central point guard Terron Hayes about the easy baskets they freely gave to Ripley in the Class AA quarterfinals that lost them the game.

Coach Rick Rogers has a different viewpoint in retrospect of the Pounders 84 to 69 loss, "It is what it is, you saw basically seven kids battling their heart out for the last two months," said Central Head Coach Rick Rogers about his small in numbers but mighty with heart squad.

For the first three quarters, the Pounders were hanging, in fact it was Hayes layup at the break that put Central ahead by one.

The third quarter was a back and forth affair with 11 lead changes, but when the fourth quarter rolled around, Ripley's Isaiah Crawley and Chad Cullbreath put the Pounders down for good.

Rogers is nonetheless proud of his team, 'That have battled to the bitter end and today, just happened to be the end, but its not bitter for me because we got where we were wanting to go, there's no disappointment in our locker room. Sure, we're sorry we didn't win the game but we're not disappointed in our season," said Rogers.

Disappointment notwithstanding, Chattanooga Central closes the 2015 basketball season with a 22-5 record.