We're almost half-way through the third month of the year. Have you stuck with your New Year's Resolution?  If so, some experts say it's now becoming part of your lifestyle.

Scott Bea from the Cleveland Clinic says "It takes a while to actually create a new habit. At least 63 days is a target that we shoot for."

Although 63 days is the general consensus, one study found it actually takes people a bit longer to form a new habit.

To form a new, healthier habit some experts recommend breaking the process into three steps.

Here's how the three steps would typically work if everything went according to plan.

-The first 20 days, get help from others.

-In the second 20 days, stay focused on the reason you're making the positive change.

-And in the last 20 days, don't burn out, keep your eye on the prize.

And doctors say it helps to reward yourself.

Scott Bea says  "In order to stick with it for 63 days sometimes it's important to know you have got to stick with it for a while and to give yourself some reward or offer yourself some incentive to stick with the discomforts that you're experiencing in the early-going."  

A reward can be anything from new clothes, to a concert- something that is just for you and your hard work.

And once you form a habit, Dr. Bea says it will have its own momentum and should become part of your daily routine.