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Non-Profit says social media is their best way to get donations

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One Non-profit is crediting social media for their success in helping local Chattanoogans.

Scenic City ark was started a year ago and organizers say it's exploded and they're able to help hundreds of homeless. Now they're expanding their services to help everyone in the community who needs it.

It's something Alan Cantrell says is close to his heart, to put out a lending hand to others.

"You've never lived until you can help someone who can't pay you back," said Cantrell.

For residents like Kim Jones, her home wasn't in the best of conditions and because of health issues, she wasn't able to afford to fix it or even attempt the repairs herself.

"There were holes in the floor and holes in the ceiling and the roof leaked," said Jones.

But now, she'll have a place to call home, complete with new sheet rock and flooring.

"There are no words to describe how I feel. I don't even think there's a word in the dictionary to describe how happy I am," said Jones.

All of the repairs would have cost her thousands to do herself, but because of Scenic City Ark, it's free. Cantrell says everything they get is through donations.

"Yeah, it's expensive and it takes every bit of help we can get to do something like this," said Cantrell.

Their biggest help? Social media.

"I put a list of materials up on our page and someone will come up and say well hey I've got five sheets of plywood, I can give you 30 ft. of trim.," said Cantrell. "You get the work out a lot faster. It's simple that a friend tells a friend who tells a second friend."

Those friends are in return donating time, money and materials.

Cantrell says if it wasn't for social media, they wouldn't be helping the amount of people they are.

"Absolutely not," said Cantrell.

Jones' home is expected to be done with only a few more work days.

If you'd like to see the word scenic city ark is doing, click here.

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