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UPDATE: Cleveland woman accused of handing out stolen money indicted

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CLEVELAND, TN (WRCB) - UPDATE: A Bradley County grand jury has indicted April Swafford.

She was arraigned in Bradley County Criminal Court Friday morning.

She has not yet entered a plea. She'll be back in court on September 14 for an attorney status hearing, where she will announce who she has hired as her attorney.

PREVIOUS STORY: April Swafford's bond was revoked late Tuesday night. That resulted in her being returned to jail, facing charges of criminal impersonation and theft over $1,000.

PREVIOUS STORY:According to the Cleveland Police Department Facebook page. April Swafford turned herself into the Bradley County Justice Center Thursday morning.  She bonded out later that day. 

Investigators are still looking into the case of thousands of dollars being taken out of business and personal checking accounts.

PREVIOUS STORY: Police have issued warrants for a Cleveland woman accused of using stolen money to help strangers pay their bills.

Cleveland Police are looking for April Swafford. Detectives say Swafford hacked a man's bank account, posted the information on Facebook, and told friends and strangers to use the money to pay their bills. One woman, who was down on her luck, tells us Swafford did anything but help her.

"I thought it was a blessing straight from God. I was like, 'Wow. This is amazing! Somebody has actually been given a means to do something for other people and she's using it for the good of others instead of being selfish,'" says Destiny Arnold.

Destiny Arnold is a single mom doing her best to make ends meet. When she needed help paying her January electric bill, a friend on Facebook told her to contact April Swafford.

"She was very very quick to help. And called and paid the bill immediately," says Arnold.

To Arnold, Swafford was just an unbelievably kind stranger.  

"The only amount that was due was like $200. And she said, 'I actually paid $500.' So that actually gave me a credit on the bill, not only for what was past due, but for the current balance, but for in to the next month's bill."

But Cleveland Police say Swafford was using two stolen bank accounts to 'help.' More than $20,000 worth of stranger's bills were paid. Both accounts were drained.       

"I got a notice on my door saying I had to come up with $500 immediately within 24 hours plus the bounced check fee," says Arnold. "She ended up hurting a lot more people than she helped."

Channel 3 reached out to April Swafford. She insisted what she did was 'legit and legal' and she wanted to 'tell her side of the story.' We set an interview time but Swafford never showed. Her cell phone has been disconnected.

"I should have investigated it more myself but when you're in a tight spot and somebody offers to help, sometimes you're just like, 'Thank you God. This is a blessing and I need this and I'm going to take it.' Yeah. That blessing was definitely too good to me true," says Arnold.

She is urging Swafford to turn herself in.

"April, come clean. Take your lumps and do your time. And I would really really consider some therapy."

Swafford continues to post on her Facebook page she can help people with bills.

She is wanted on two felony counts of criminal simulation and theft over $10,000. If you know where Swafford is or see her, call the Cleveland Police Department. 

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