Cleveland Police have responded to several auto burglaries within the past week, some of which weapons are being specifically targeted. 

The latest happened Wednesday, March 4th around 4:30 p.m. at Jordan's BBQ on Stuart Road. 

The victim told police that he parked his vehicle at Jordon's around 4:00 p.m. and 30-minutes later he heard his car alarm.  When he went to check he discovered one of the windows had been busted out.  The victim's Star 9MM handgun, which was hidden in the vehicle had been stolen. Several other valuable items in plain view were left behind. 

Witnesses told policed they say a silver 4-door SUV parked beside the victim's vehicle. Investigators are looking for information on the occupants of that vehicle.

Police are also looking for the man pictured in surveillance pictures for questioning regarding this theft.  

Anyone with information pertaining to the vehicle and/or the man is urged to contact Detective Matt Jenkins at 423-303-3134.

The other car burglaries have occurred in the Whirlpool parking lots on Benton Pike and King Edward Avenue. 

The information distributed is just from one theft that has occurred within the past week regarding auto burglary, in which weapons are being specifically targeted. However, several other car burglaries have been reported as well. Two car burglaries were committed in the Whirlpool parking lots on Benton Pike and King Edward Avenue. 

 Anyone with information on these specific thefts is asked to contact Detective Bill Parks at 423-559-3321.