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Bride's custom wedding gown stolen in hijacked vehicle

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A carjacking has put a damper on a bride's wedding; her dress was in the trunk of the stolen vehicle.

"I've dreamt of my wedding for 37 years and waited a long time," said bride, Jamie Young.

It was supposed to be a day she would never forget with the perfect dress to go with her perfect man.

"The dress was the whole focal point of the wedding. 1950's inspired short dress. I was going to wear red underneath it and a red sash," said Young.

She had her dream dress made just for her, but that dream turned to a nightmare when she flew into Chattanooga from Tulsa, Oklahoma for a weekend of bridal festivities.

"I was so excited to show my mom and my twin sister my dress, so I brought it," said Young.

She, her family, and her bridesmaids had gone to lunch on Sunday after trying on bridesmaid's dresses, and her sister took the car to run an errand.

"She was pulled up next to another car and went to get something out of the car. She left the keys sitting in the seat while she was walking back to the car this guy bumped into her and she tried to get in the car and he pushed her out of the way," said Young.

The man took off with the car and her one-of-a-kind dress was in the trunk.

"When I got to the scene I was hysterical," said Young.

The car was located not long after the theft, by a dumpster. But when they opened the trunk, the dress was gone.

"It's not like I can go to David's Bridal and walk in and replace it," said Young.

She's got two months until her big day and is scared of one thing.

"Not getting it replaced in time," said Young.

While she's hoping for the return of her dress, "I will wear whatever I can because what ultimately matters is walking down the aisle and marrying Jason. So if I have to wear elephant pj's, I will," said Young.

Young says her friends are calling all of the local second-hand shops to see if anyone has tried to sell the dress. If you see the dress you are asked to call the Chattanooga Police Department. 

Chattanooga PD says while you are out in public to always have your keys in your possession. They say if someone does try and take something that belongs to you, to let them have it and let the police get it back to prevent you from being harmed.

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