Tree branches, mud and boulders litter the hillside along Nick-A-Jack Road.

Add a few days of nearly non-stop rain to the mix and road crews could have a dangerous mess on their hands.

“The thing about a mudslide is it can happen in the blink of an eye. If you have someone coming down the road in a vehicle and it breaks loose, it can take the vehicle with it,” Walker County Road Superintendent Rodney Parker said.

Which is why Parker decided to shut this stretch of roadway down until further notice. In the meantime, he's calling in engineers who specialize in mudslides to help find a permanent solution. He hopes FEMA will help pick up the bill.

“We may have to start back above the slide and start making it permanent from here around the curve, so it can be a process,” he added.

Bobby Cheatham has lived in the area for several years. He remembers dealing with a similar situation about a year and a half ago in this exact, same spot.

“There was a great big boulder that they couldn't get up, so they had to push it down the curve there. Then they replaced this and fixed it up,” Cheatham said.

Nearby residents aren't completely stranded because there's another route up the mountain. But it does act as a through fare for drivers to get to Route 193. Parker asks drivers to respect these road closed signs because it could be very dangerous if you don't.

“You come around the curves, you might not get stopped and you run into it. You could hit a big boulder. You could hit anything and it could be very dangerous,” he said.

Parker hopes to have an answer from FEMA and an engineer in the next few days. As soon as a plan is drawn up, he hopes to start work as soon as possible.

Walker County dispatch reports that Nick-A-Jack Road, the connector between GA HWY 193 up Lookout Mountain to GA HWY 157 is being closed off because of a possible mud slide. 

The wet conditions over the last several weeks have saturated the ground to the point that a possible mud slide has become a possibility. A Walker County official says crews are working to fix the problem.