President Obama announced a program on Monday that he says would make it cheaper and faster to gain tech skills and to change the way companies look at, and hire candidates.

There are 5-million open jobs all over the U.S., over half a million of them are in tech fields like software development and cybersecurity. They're jobs that didn't exist a decade ago.

"These are good jobs, often these job's pay 50% more than middle class jobs," said Nick Wilkinson.

Today, there is a shortage of workers that have the proper training and companies are having a hard time filling the jobs with Chattanoogans. But the city wants to change that.

"The future of our city is going to take our innovation based economy, our tech sector growth, startup business growth," said Wilkinson. "We need coders, we need IT professionals."

Chattanooga has joined 21 other cities across the U.S. in the tech-hire initiative, which would provide different forms of training to get people the skills they need to complete the job and fast.

The training is provided by not only colleges and universities but in boot camps. "They would go through a ramped accelerated model, sometimes online sometimes in only a 12 week period of time," said Wilkinson.

Tia Capps with the Co-Lab says the program will provide the much-needed people they need for local start-up businesses.

"I can't tell you how many of those entrepreneurs come to us asking where can I find a software developer who can help me code this and we have a list of developers, but we have more entrepreneurs than talented developers," said Capps.

These jobs don't require a degree, just skills and the city wants the jobs to go to Chattanoogans.

"Talent isn't just about going outside the walls of our city and asking people to move here, but providing people the opportunity who live here with the resources they need to fill the jobs that we have," said Capps.

This initiative provides jobs for Chattanoogans, but also makes the city more desirable for companies looking to relocate. The city says they plan to focus their attention on underrepresented communities to provide them with opportunities to fill these jobs.

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