FORT OGLETHORPE, GA  (WRCB)-- The two newest teams in the Tennessee Vintage Baseball League take the field Sunday in their first exhibition, but you may want to check the location.

Both squads, the Mountain City Club and the Chattanooga Lightfoots, will call the Polo Field of the 6th Cavalry Museum in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia their home field.

We asked Chris McKeever, the museum's Executive Director, if there's some territorial "fudging" going on with Tennessee baseball teams playing south of the state line and finding homes in Catoosa County, Georgia.

" The reason that the post got built here , the City of Chattanooga and the Tennessee State and Federal legislature had a lot with the army post being built here, and so for this area, it was a huge recruitment center and they came from all over this region so, it is just a very short drive to get into North Georgia and enjoy vintage baseball here on the polo field," smiled McKeever.

Sunday's exhibition is set for 2pm on the Polo Field at Barnhardt Circle.

Its is free and open to the public.