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Volunteers go door to door checking smoke detectors in Avondale Community

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Dozens of volunteers from the Chattanooga Fire Department and the American Red Cross went to nearly 200 homes in the Avondale community, checking to see that everyone had working smoke detectors.

"You never know, each community is different and what you find is different," said William Matlock, Chattanooga Fire Marshall.

"Smoke alarms are really life savers,” said Jamie Lewis, American Red Cross.

For some, a smoke detector is top on their priority list. For others, "If they have one it's either out of date or they've taken the batteries out of it," said Matlock.

Because of that, Matlock says the Avondale community is more at risk.

"This area was selected by our research in our data and what we found was over the past year we had had 5 structure fires in this location," said Matlock.

That's why these volunteers are walking the streets, to take new detectors and batteries to all 190 residents.

"I had one but it was old," said Roland Darden.

Darden says he's had a few close calls with fire inside his home. "I went to my room and something was on the stove and I come back and a cloud of smoke and I didn't know because no smoke alarm," said Darden. "It was calm, but it still could have escalated further."

Now, Darden doesn't have to worry about being caught unaware.

"It feels good so you can have some safety, that's why I wanted one," said Darden.

The American Red Cross and the Chattanooga Fire Department says everyone should change the batteries in their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

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