Rescue crews from at least seven different agencies worked for seven hours Friday to recover the body of a 20-year-old man from Signal Mountain.

Officials tell Channel 3 that man is Tyler Pelts, 20, from Memphis.

“It's treacherous terrain even though it's along a trail, but when you do a recovery like this, it's very manpower intensive and equipment intensive,” Signal Mountain Fire Chief Eric Mitchell said.

Mitchell says Pelts was reported missing by his family Thursday night. They used GPS tracking to narrow the search to Signal Mountain. Rescue crews found his body Friday morning 100 feet below a cliff at Signal Point.

The scene was reminiscent of just three months ago, during a similar recovery mission after Dalton Downing, 20, fell from Signal Point in early December.

“Sometimes people tend to think they are in better condition than they are. They think that maybe the conditions aren't as bad as they are on the trail,” Mitchell added.

Officials are still working to determine a cause of death for Pelts, but believe it is accidental.

Mitchell warns these trails are dangerous regardless of physical condition.

“They get off the trail to look at an overlook or try to do something like that and they slip and fall and it ends in a not good result,” Mitchell.