It was a big day at a school in north Georgia.  Graysville Elementary School is fueling up its students.

Catoosa County Public Schools received a $60-thousand dollar grant to increase participation in the school breakfast program dubbed "Fuel Up."

The program also promotes 60 minutes of exercise per day.

Graysville Elementary School won the school system contest and at an assembly Friday, they had some guests.  Freddy Falcon, the Falcons' mascot and Matt Bryant, kicker for the falcons who gave the kids a strong message.

Matt Bryant, Atlanta Falcons: "It's good to come back and to always give back to the community. Be a part and give back to the schools here in GA.  Teach the kids how to prepare for successful life.. To have good things in the future." 

Officials say the USDA's Modern School Breakfast Program is tailored to meet the needs of all age groups, school schedules and physical environments.