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Number of school snow days in jeopardy

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Assistant Superintendent Dr. Lee McDade knew it would be a close call, but a two hour delay Thursday turned into a day off once rain started freezing on surfaces in parts of Hamilton County.

"There's probably a few parents who would like to push me off the mountain today for calling school, but we had to make the best decision we could," admits McDade.

He was most concerned about high elevations, like Signal Mountain, where a tree toppled onto a power line along Kentucky Avenue later in the afternoon.

He says the phone and text alerts sent to parents about the delay mentioned the possibility of an upgrade to a closing, wihch would burn another snow day.

"We had nine days," says McDade. "This was the ninth day."

Stephanie Goodrich and her family live in Signal Mountain. She's a little worried about icy streets Friday morning.

"My husband works downtown. So, I am concerned that they would close the mountain roads and we wouldn't be able to get in or out," says Goodrich.

If there's no school again, she'll have to find ways to keep her two pre-schoolers from getting bored.

"Lots of games, movies, baking," adds Goodrich.

While many parents and school officials are ready for spring, Goodrich's five-year-old, Hudson, isn't so sure.

"Sometimes I like warm, sometimes I like cold," says Hudson.

Since Tennessee is still under a state of emergency from the governor after several winter storms statewide the past few weeks, McDade says he might not have to go in the red if he has to close school another day.

"The superintendent could request a waiver for those days," explains McDade.

This could give them back up to four days. If this doesn't happen and more dangerous winter weather shuts down classes, McDade says don't worry, spring break won't be interrupted.

"A lot of people have deposits in on vacations. Nobody would look at spring break. We'd look at extending the year," says McDade.

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