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Snow and ice mixture causes driving hazards in Grundy

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GRUNDY COUNTY, TN -  It started as rain, then sleet, and now it's snow and ice, making the roads more dangerous than any other winter weather event so far this year.

"The roads are slick," said Grundy Sheriff Clint Shrum, "This has presented a new set of problems for us, the last one we had some power outages but I think we were more prepared."
The elements combined in just a few hours,forcing many people off the roads.
Judy Eagan was trying to make it to her home to Illinois.

"We were in a nice hotel an hour down the road and now here we are standing in the sleet," Eagan said.
She wasn't expecting the weather to get this bad, so to play it safe she's waiting inside.

"So we just thought maybe we should pull over and wait until it stops," Eagan said, "Or at least find out what's on the road ahead."

Law enforcement helped with accidents all morning in Grundy County, saying cars sliding off roads and going into ditches are the main problem.

"I don't like it because I don't have much experience driving in it," said Leslie Taylor of Monteagle, "I know TDOT has been working them all night because i've been watching them but no, people need to stay off the roads."
Law enforcement urges you to stay off the roads because help might not be on the way.   

"It's hard for us to get to them," said Monteagle Police Chief Virgil McNeece, "I mean if they wind up in a ditch we might not be able to get there. We're going to do everything we can to get there but we can't travel in it no better than they can."

The sheriff and chief of police say the ice and snow could weigh down trees and power lines, causing major problems overnight.
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