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Tennessee Oncology Moves To State of The Art Facility

Better cancer care comes to Cleveland

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 What Delores Owens thought would be a routine mammogram, turned out to be anything but a normal doctor's visit.  

Delores Owens says "Was totally caught off guard to be called back that they were going to need to check something suspicious."

That suspicion confirmed her worst fear.  Delores was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in October of last year.  The journey has been a difficult one, but being able to receive the treatment at Tennessee Oncology's state of the art facility in Cleveland in her community, has helped ease the burden.  
Delores Owens says "It's assuring, very assuring, especially with Dr. Krueger's experience"

Dr. Krueger has been treating cancer patients in Bradley County for more than 20 years, but she didn't have all the tools and medical advancements now at her fingertips.
Tennessee Oncology's old location,was  much smaller, without the capability to offer some of the most advanced care and treatment,  but the new 10-thousand square foot facility is much larger, with enhanced services, and more space for chemotherapy treatment.

Dr. Sylvia Krueger, Tennessee Oncology says "This building represents a new way of taking care of our patients.."

Dr. Krueger says in addition to new and improved services, patients will also now benefit from cutting edge research that will help them during their battle with cancer.

Dr. Sylvia Krueger says"This is something new for the Cleveland Community to have access to those latest treatment protocols that we've not had available before."

Delores a math professor at Lee University for nearly 30 years has found out that not every problem has an easy solution.

Delores Owens says "Things that were important and would tear my world up, they are not there anymore."

As Delores wraps up her chemo treatment and prepares for surgery, she's thankful this new state of the art facility was there, and she didn't have to add to her stress and anxiety by making  lots of trips outside her community.  Now she's concentrating on healing and the things that really matter to her.

Delores Owens says "I have a one year old grand baby I want to to live for, and so it's different, it really is"

A different journey from the one she expected, but one she's embraced and determined to  win this battle.
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