Surveillance pictures show a man wearing surgical gloves, with a towel over part of his face, and a bag over his right hand. "He didn't display a weapon," explained Chattanooga Police Officer Time McFarland, "but he, you know, he implied that he had one." That was plenty to convince a clerk to empty the register at a Tiger Market convenience store on Hixson Pike.

The holdup happened in the overnight hours, back in July of last year. Investigators are still working the case. "We've got a lot of robbery cases that are like that," Officer McFarland continued. "You know, we just get dead end leads or no leads at all, or they have just enough that they're just not ready to; they need one piece of information that there can be enough to get a warrant."

That is where you come in. Have a close look at the pictures of our bad guy taken from store surveillance video. "Somebody that knows him or is, maybe, an acquaintance with him," McFarland postulated, "I think they'll be able to recognize him just from the part of his face that is exposed, the hair and everything."

If that somebody is you, we have up to $1,000 Crime Stoppers cash and your complete anonymity waiting. McFarland added, "Somebody will see him and say, 'I know him,' you know? It's just a matter of whether they want a little cash reward or not to turn him in."

The crook ran off after the hold-up and looked to jump into a blue sedan. Does free cash for your good information sound good?

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