"We didn't buy this team to move it, that was not our plan. One of the attractions to buy this team is the community," explains Lookouts' new co-owner and East Ridge native John Woods, answering the question every Lookout fan wanted to hear.  

That the city's beloved baseball franchise of 130 years is staying.

"Literally, every time I come back to Chattanooga there are more things open and more things going on downtown and that's really the kind of things that excites us," says the team's new CEO & Chairman Jason Freier. 

Freier is no newbie to the business of minor league baseball, serving as CEO of Hardball Capital, which owns and operates two other minor league teams.  Freir says it's the city's vitality, and ability to attract business such as Amazon and VW, helped in their decision to buy in, along with a dozen community members who bought in to the team as well.

The Lookouts' new owners say fans should expect no real changes for the coming season, but for the following year, a facelift might be in order.

"We think the Lookouts is a great classic brand, we'll be committed to bringing that to the fore, but yes," confirms Freier. "With the ownership transition there are all sorts of major league rules regarding when you have to make logo changes and notice and they wouldn't let us step in at this point and change things for this season."

But Woods says they'll stick with the tested and true when it comes to the revamp

"The tradition of the Lookouts is a bigger brand and tradition in minor league baseball than anywhere in the country."

The sales price for the team was not revealed, the new owners saying that was a stipulation is buying the club, but the reported price former owner Frank Burke was wanting was reportedly around $12 million.

The Lookouts 2015 home opener is set for April 15th against the Birmingham Barons.