UPDATE: Police have released the identities of the people struck by a vehicle on Birmingham Hwy Tuesday evening. 

63-year-old James David Ankrom died as a result of his injuries.  52-year-old Maria Martinez remains in serious condition. 


One person killed, another injured after being struck by a vehicle while walking along Birmingham Highway.

Channel 3 was the only news crew on scene shortly after the incident, just after 7 p.m. Tuesday.

A Chattanooga Police traffic investigator says the portion of Birmingham Highway the two were walking along is not well lit and the roads were slick from the weather.

"It's a very dark road out there off Birmingham Highway," said Sgt. Gary Martin, "And then the first one was struck, and then the second one was struck, and one of them succumbed to their injuries en route to the hospital."


Pieces of the vehicle left behind are marked as evidence and are still on the side of the road.

Less than an hour after sunset, a driver hit two pedestrians walking single file down the road.

One man died on the way to the hospital - the other, a woman, is facing serious injuries.

"One of them was male, one of them was female, and I know one of them was from out of state, they were up here on business," Sgt. Martin said.

In that small stretch of Birmingham Highway there are hotels, restaurants and big businesses, making it more popular than it might seem.

"There's quite a few pedestrians on this street," said Cracker Barrel employee Paige Vaughn.


Vaughn works at Cracker Barrel right down the street and says a bad accident like this was only a matter of time.

"People fly through here and there's so many people who do walk the street," Vaughn said, "It is dark, so it doesn't surprise me. It is a very sad situation."

The state road has no sidewalks or street lights, making people wonder if more safety measures could make a difference.

"From here to Covenant I think needs to have sidewalks put up, extra lighting put up, even pedestrian signs put up in this area," said Candy Bain of Sand Mountain.

The driver of the vehicle pulled over immediately after the crash and tried to help the two victims.

As of Wednesday, he is not facing any charges, but investigators are still working the case. Sgt. Martin says they do not believe the driver was under any influence of any kind.

"It looks like just a wet, rainy night, low visibility," Sgt. Martin said.

The victim's names have not yet been released,  Chattanooga Police say they are first working to notify family.