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Patching potholes is a temporary fix until winter weather passes

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TDOT crews are trying to stay on top of fixing the potholes that have popped up on roads across the area.

"The men and women who have been fighting the ice and snow are the same ones who will be patching the potholes, so they've had their hands full lately," said Jennifer Flynn, TDOT spokesperson.

Crews were out repairing areas after the snow melted last week, but are now prepping again for more possible winter weather.

Highway 153 was a problem area last week, said Flynn.

"We had gotten a lot of complaints about that, so that's where our crews really concentrated their efforts in Hamilton County," she said.

"Swerve around them, yep, that's about all we can do," said Darla Blazek of Hixson, who said she's noticed potholes everywhere.

"Almost all the highways, almost all the roads. It's hard to get away from them," said Blazek.

While TDOT takes care of the main interstates and state routes, the County Highway Department patches up county roads and the City of Chattanooga repairs damage on city streets.

AAA experts say it's actually safer to  drive slowly through a pothole instead of swerving to avoid hitting one last-second.

TDOT crews are currently using a cold mix to fill in the current damage. It's a temporary fix, Flynn said, that could possibly shake loose after another weather event.

"At least it does keep it from being a vicious, jarring pothole," she said.

Once it warms up, crews will hit the pavement with more permanent asphalt repairs.

"They do cause damage, and they can be dangerous. So we want to get them filled as quickly as possible," said Flynn.

Anyone who notices a pothole that needs repaired on interstates or state routes should contact TDOT's Region 2 office in Chattanooga at (423) 892-3430.

Counties in Region 2 include: Bledsoe, Bradley, Cannon, Clay, Coffee, Cumberland, Dekalb, Fentress, Franklin, Grundy, Hamilton, Jackson, Marion, McMinn, Meigs, Overton, Pickett, Polk, Putnam, Rhea, Sequatchie, Van Buren, Warren, White.

Repairs needed on Hamilton County or Chattanooga city streets should dial Chattanooga Public Works at 311.

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