The Dalton Police Department will assist the Norfolk Southern Police Department with a trespasser abatement initiative on March 4 - 5.  

The effort in Dalton is one of six such initiatives that the NSPD is planning in different areas of the country. 

The program is intended to raise awareness of the dangers of trespassing on railroad property and reduce instances of trespassing.

Norfolk Southern's police chose Dalton as one of the areas to target in part because of two fatalities along the railroad lines in the area in recent years and also a reported 8 contacts by NSPD with trespassers in the area. 

On March 4, officers from the DPD and NSPD will survey the tracks in our area and distribute information about the danger of trespassing to anyone they encounter along the railroad lines. 

On March 5, they will conduct another tour of the tracks and conduct enforcement.