Cleveland Police Captain Dennis Maddux has been placed on administrative leaved effective immediately.

Captain Maddux will remain on leave during the course of the investigation, which is being conducted jointly by the District Attorney's Office and the Cleveland Police Department.

March 1, 2015, Maddux took over the helm of Cleveland Police Chief but was demoted back to Captain the next day due to an incident in McMinn County. 


Cleveland Police Department Officer Jeffrey Griggs was booked into the Bradley County Jail Tuesday night.

Griggs was taken into custody for Violation of an Order of Protection, issued after a weekend incident in McMinn County according to a news release.

A Cleveland police officer is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of a McMinn County investigation. And the officer's boss, Chief Dennis Maddux will resume his role as Captain after just one day of officially taking over as police chief.

The police department did not release an official explanation regarding the change in leadership but Chief Maddux's name appears in a McMinn County arrest report involving  Cleveland Police Officer Jeffrey Griggs and his wife.


Deputies responded to a domestic violence call and the witness who called 911 says she saw a struggle between Officer Griggs and his wife.    

"So I looked and I realized that she wasn't playing and that he was pulling on her," said witness Kia Phillips.


Phillips heard screams coming from the road just outside her apartment on Saturday afternoon and saw a woman struggling with a man inside a truck.


Phillips brought the woman inside her home and called police.

"As soon as she ran in the house she was asking for scissors and she saw my scissors and she started cutting up an object," Phillips said.


The woman cut up a camera memory card she wrestled away from her husband.


She told McMinn County deputies she was in Calhoun meeting with Cleveland Police Chief Dennis Maddux. She wanted to tell him her husband, Jeffrey Griggs, gave her bruises during a previous assault which had not been reported.


The alleged victim told police her husband showed up at the parked-car meeting and began taking pictures of his wife and his boss.


His wife left the vehicle and began walking away and Griggs followed her. That's when their meeting escalated into a struggle to get Grigg's camera card.

"I said, has he ever tried to hurt you before?" Phillips said, "And she said he had laid a little bit of bruises on her where people couldn't see, but I never seen any of those."


Jeffrey Griggs is charged with assault by domestic violence and Sheriff Joe Guy says there will be several more people interviewed before the investigation is complete.

"In a situation if a married couple, if one of them wants to throw something away or cut something up with scissors that's sort of joint property," Sheriff Guy said, "There's some murky water there, now when you do get into some evidentiary issues, that's a possibility."


By the time deputies responded, both Officer Griggs and Chief Maddux had left the scene.

"it doesn't matter to us where someone works or where their career may be, if there's evidence of a crime we're going to investigate that," Sheriff Guy said.

Cleveland Police Spokesperson Evie West says Griggs is now on paid leave and he'll be in court Tuesday morning in McMinn County.


Dennis Maddux would not respond to any questions, including why he would be in another county to investigate a possible crime.

Around 2 p.m. on Monday, Cleveland City Manager Janice Casteel announced she would take over as head of the police department, and is appointing Captain Mark Gibson to help with day-to-day operations.   

Maddux officially became Chief of the Cleveland Police Department on March 1st.

He was the third police chief in the past year.

Maddux followed Chief David Bishop who retired for medical reasons. Before Bishop, former Chief Wes Snyder announced his retirement amid allegations in 2013 of an affair in a storage unit.