A Dalton man is facing a felony murder charge for the stabbing death of his wife. Police say the man also made threats and injured first responders when they got to the scene.

"We've sought a warrant against him for homicide," says Bruce Frazier with the Dalton Police Department.

Dalton Police have dealt with 49-year-old David Dyer before.

"Last August, in fact, there was a standoff at the home there," says Frazier.

Police say Dyer fled the scene of a car accident, threw his family out of his house, and threatened to shoot anyone who tried to come inside. Officers found him passed out in the garage and only charged with a misdemeanor.

"His previous arrests weren't violent incidents," says Frazier.

Dyer was arrested in 2012, 2013 and 2014 for DUI.

"He had not been arrested for a domestic incident before."

But on February 26th, emergency personnel encountered a violent scene at the home of David and Glenda Dyer.

"We don't know what happened on Thursday to set him off," says Frazier.

Dalton Police arrived on Elaine Way to find David Dyer outside physically fighting with EMTs.

"One of the EMTs was beaten up pretty bad," says Frazier.

Police say Dyer was blatant about what happened inside the home. 

"He made a statement to the EMTs when they got there that he had killed his wife."

An ambulance took 47-year-old Glenda to a hospital with multiple stab wounds. Family members tell Channel 3 she was kept on life support until her organs could be donated.

"Unfortunately, our best witness has passed away," says Frazier.

For Glenda's family, it is an unspeakable loss. On a website set up to help with expenses, she is described as "the kindest lady you will ever meet. She was a loving mother and Nana to her grandbabies. She did nothing to deserve this."

"When you see the story end like this it's heartbreaking. And our hearts obviously go out to the family," says Frazier.

Last month, David Dyer was arrested for a probation violation. The District Attorney in Whitfield County says Dyer has two pending cases in his office. The first is a DUI case in Murray County from May of 2014. Dyer was set to be arraigned on that charge in Chatsworth Wednesday but the hearing has been postponed due to his most recent charges. The second case stems from the August 2014 standoff. Dyer faces charges of obstruction, driving on a suspended license and leaving the scene of an accident. No court date has been set for those charges.

A bond hearing is set for Dyer Friday.