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Saturday weather helps ease cabin fever

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Downtown Chattanooga is starting to look more like itself again with the snow and ice pretty much gone. 

I'm sure many experienced a little cabin fever, being cooped up inside this past week.  

On Saturday, folks were finally able to spend the day outdoors taking in the sun.  

Or how about go for a jog? And if jogging or biking aren't your thing, maybe just walking along the bridge with your loved one is more your cup of tea.

Saturday was one of Collective Clothing's better days, the store that sells vintage and modern clothes have had to close up early on many days like many businesses downtown this year because of the weather.

But not Saturday, these workers have been working non stop. But if you ask most of them if they want anymore snow, their answer is pretty simple.

"We all got the sledding out of our system and bring on the spring," said Chattanooga resident.

"Definitely ready for spring time, I'm not use to this weather," said Chattanooga resident. 

But if more does come, they are ready.

"I don't mind, I'm originally from Kentucky, so bring it on," said Chattanooga resident. 

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