More than 20 girls spent the night thinking of ways to solve problems for local businesses.

It was part of the Mad, Bad and Dangerous event at GPS giving young girls the tools to be successful entrepreneurs.

"It's been interesting to see how a business model works and creating an idea and following it through to make it happen," said Macy Hammon.

Seven teams of girls, all with different back grounds came together with one goal in mind; to take a problem and find a solution.

"It's so different to work with people from different school's you know and different minded people you usually don't work with," said Virginia McGinnis.

The only catch? These girls are in high school, looking to solve problems for real businesses here in Chattanooga. 

"These businesses actually gave problems they wanted the girls to solve for them," said Lauren Wade, Public Education Foundation.

Problems like how to get the word out about what their business is about or how to connect people together. These girls said it's an easy solution; social media.

"Twitter campaign, Snapchat, Facebook, all sort of stuff you can utilize such a great tool to spread the word," said Hammon.

"They're working through step by step. Is it feasible, what are the alternatives?" said Wade.

These girls have jumped in head-first to find solutions and Wade says in many ways, they're more creative that adults with experience.

"Adults have failed so many times that they're scared to try something new and different and these girls they haven't so they're not afraid," said Wade. "I don't think we ask students and teenagers for ideas nearly enough."

Many of the businesses have said they do plan to use the ideas that the girls pitch to them today.