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Chattanooga couple linked to more than 10 car break-ins

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A Chattanooga couple is facing charges of several counts of theft, burglary, and entering a vehicle after Fort Oglethorpe police linked them to a spree of car break-ins.

Chattanooga police list 10 victims, but say there will be even more added once the investigation is complete.

"There were all these complaints actually within about three square miles," said Brad Palmer of the Criminal Investigation Division, "He was mainly targeting apartment complexes."
People reported thousands of dollars worth of stolen goods, taken from inside their vehicles, including credit cards, laptops, and even several hand guns.

"We were able to link some of the those stolen credit cards back to where the offender was using those at major box retailers," Palmer said.
That gave police surveillance video of the suspect -- and the truck he was driving.
Days later, a patrol officer pulled over a driver after he made an illegal right hand turn. The traffic stop happened less than a mile away from some of the reported car burglaries.

"The officer then after making the stop recognized that the vehicle matched the description of the lookout that was sent out by the department," Palmer said.
Inside police found some of the reported stolen merchandise and made the arrest.
Both Jonathan Stubbs and his wife Stephanie Stubbs are charged with several counts of theft, burglary and entering a vehicle
Police want to remind drivers to keep all valuables locked up and out of sight, or keep them on their persons at all times. Some cars were unlocked, others were forced entry, but all cars had valuables in plain sight.

"A lot of times they look for these vehicles, or look for property inside vehicles, that's easy to access," Palmer said.

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