The inspectors at the Hamilton County Health Department had a great week reporting no failing grades among the 20 restaurants inspected.

Remember we do give the low score and that's a 74, a failing grade is anything lower than a 70. 

If you like Japanese food, you may want to make sure the employees at Sekisui on Houston Street pays a little closer attention to what's going on in the kitchen..

Inspectors found chicken at the wrong temperature. The food was just sitting out in the open at room temperature, raw food was not being thawed out properly.

Remember the kitchen staff must run the food under cold water, microwave it or store it in the cooler for proper thawing techniques.

The employees were actually washing their hands with their gloves on. First take off the gloves, wash your hands and put on new gloves, that's what the health manual says to do, also the floors were dirty.

The high score of the week is a 98. From Japan to Mexico it's a long journey but worth it if you eat at Signal Mountain's El Metate. Congratulations on those employees and their dedication.

Remember any complaints about a restaurant, hotel or motel, day care or a place you work out, call the Hamilton County Health Department at 423-209-8110. Employees of the health department want to talk to you in person and field your concerns.

Also if you experience good service, food and the place looks great, let the management know. Your words are very powerful. 

Stay warm and enjoy your meal!