The roads are nothing to play and Katelynn Barkley knows that from firsthand experience

Katelynn Barkley, "When I started to slide I knew I couldn't regain control of the car. I tried and I just knew I was going off that hill. But I didn't know how steep that hill was."

Katelynn was just trying to take her daughter to daycare and get to work last February like any other day when the worse happened.  The black ice caused her and her daughter to get into a severe accident, injuring her as well as her daughter.  They are both still feeling the effects today.

"She broke her collar bone and her right arm and she was dead at the time of the accident"

I spoke with Hamilton County Sheriff who says it's very easy to get in a wreck similar Katelynn Barkley, especially if you're not paying attention. Something, he says, he knows from experience.

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond, "It's a very helpless feeling when you lose control of it like that. You're just kind of helpless. It be like you suddenly reaching for a brake and it's not there"

Katelynn Barkley just wants you to be cautious because she doesn't want you to have to live the nightmare that she and her daughter have had to live

Katelynn Barkley, "You can't see it, you can't predict it no matter how slow you go.  It could just take a hold of you and knock you straight down"