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Car doors frozen as man tries to make flight to Florida

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We may be in the early melting stages but what a sight and what a memory it was.  All this snow in downtown Chattanooga. Almost 8-9 inches in some spots, perfect for snowballs and snowmen, no doubt an unforgettable day for a lot of kids.  Also an unforgettable night for a lot of drivers in town..

A lot of people had to leave their cars overnight in all parts of the area.  Not only on the interstates, but some on Cherokee Boulevard where a snow plow couldn't even make it up the hill Wednesday night. and some on the S-curves. That's where we ran into one man from Knoxville. He left his car there overnight. Thursday morning, he was trying to get in his car to go to Atlanta to catch a flight to Florida for a bachelor party. He's a groomsman but there's one problem.

"The door's frozen shut. What's your options? Don't really have any, we're supposed to be leaving at 10 to make it to the beach but it doesn't look like that's going to happen right now. We actually walked up here last night and it looked pretty good but can't get the car door open, can't get the car door open."

As for Blake. we talked to him later in the day. He said he left his car for his buddy to deal with and he took the Groome Shuttle to Atlanta where he says he made it just in time to catch his flight to Florida. 

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