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Winter storm leaves motorists stranded near interstate

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The winter storm made roads dangerous across the area, leaving some out-of-town motorists stranded near the interstate.

Channel 3 caught up with Michigan native Bruce Hopkins in Ringgold. After traveling 700 miles, his drive to see family in South Florida was put on hold Wednesday night.

"I left Michigan to ride my bike down in Florida, and I can't get out of the snow!" Hopkins laughed.

The heavy snowfall forced him to be stuck in the storm that dumped 8 inches over North Georgia over a matter of hours.

"Snow was blowing straight into my headlights, and that plays with your eyesight, you know," Hopkins said. "If it wasn't for the vehicle in front of me, I wouldn't see the roads. So first exit I found, I got off."

That meant Hopkins had no choice but to sleep in his truck until the storm cleared out and the roads cleaned up on Thursday morning

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