Thankfully, the snowfall Wednesday night didn't cause any major accidents on Signal Mountain, but it did make travel quite difficult.

Snow-covered roads became slick traps. Even Highway 127, a main artery on the front of the mountain, was closed all night. Signal Mountain police say at least 15 vehicles slid off the road, later to be pulled out of ditches. No major injuries were reported.

Jim Campbell had a tough time. Even in his 4-wheel drive car it took an extra 10 to 15 minutes to navigate back roads. With the main road improving and eventually reopened, he made it safely to Chattanooga Thursday morning, only to be stopped cold in his tracks just shy of his office door.

"My office is on Forest [Avenue] which is a quite a hill, and I got about a third of the way up and had to back down," says Campbell with a smile, taking it all in stride.

He drove back up the mountain to work from home and saw something that concerned him.

"I noticed a lot of people, that, instead of walking on the sidewalks are walking on the roads," recalls Campbell. "Probably a little dangerous."

Crystal Wright lives on the Sequatchie County side of the mountain. A relative rain into trouble in her neighborhood.

"My sister-in-law actually slid off in a ditch last night. So we got her out of there," says Wright. "So, yeah, it's still kind of iffy on that side of the mountain."

She made it safely to her job at the Signal Mountain Post Office. Instead of running rural routes on potentially dangerous roads that even
vehicle might not even handle, she's staying inside.

"We get paid as long as we make it into the office. We'll just work inside the office," adds Wright.

The slushy roads will become icy as temperatures fall well below freezing Thursday night. So it's best to stay off the roads if you can.