The winter storm that many have been waiting for is still heading our way. 

The precipitation will start from the southwest to the northeast.  It will start as a mixture of sleet/rain and then transition over to a heavy wet snow.  Temperatures have climbed into the mid and upper 30's already and they will hold steady or slowly drop as the mix starts. 

Snow will continue into the over night and slowly taper off after midnight to 2 AM. 

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Amounts will vary, but here goes: north and west should see 1-3"; over the city 3-5"; south and east of the city 4-6". Yes, the most should fall in NE AL and N GA.  This is similar to the thinking I had yesterday. 

There may be one problem.  This snow will be wet and it will compact fast, so by Thursday morning it may not seem like that much because of the compaction, but it will still be good snowball and snowman making snow! 

Highs on Thursday will climb into the upper 30's to near 40 so melting will start promptly. Enjoy it quick!
Re-freezing starts Thursday night with a few flurries and low in the 20's. Highs on Friday will be in the upper 30's with mostly cloudy skies.  This weekend will be warmer with highs in the 40's and partly cloudy skies.

Next week will be wet with highs in the 50's Monday 60's Tuesday with highs near 60 on Wednesday.

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For Thursday:

  • 8 AM ... Flurry?, 30
  • Noon ... Overcast, 36
  • 5 PM ... Cloudy, 39