While many parents may be frustrated their kids were out of school for yet another snow day, one family is thankful they were home after the kids alerted family members that their house was on fire.

It happened on Carroll Drive in Ringgold, Georgia around 2 p.m.

Five people were inside of the home.

After winter weather froze the pipes of his Daughter's home, Danny Beason says he had left for the store to buy supplies. His daughter and her 4 children stayed at home.

But something happened after he left, and smoke filled the home. That's when the oldest child got his two younger brothers and got out of the home.

“They ran out of the house to my son's house and let him know the trailer was on fire," said Beason.

"They come in hollering ‘smoke smoke smoke', that's when I was running out of the house and the neighbor was running behind me," said Timothy Sims.

Their mother and baby sister were trapped inside a bedroom.

"I went to the side of the house and busted in the windows with a chair, got the baby,” said Sims.

But before his pregnant sister could get out, she passed out inside the home from smoke inhalation. That's when their neighbor stepped in, climbed inside the home, pulled her out and then giving her CPR.

"He saved my daughter's life," said Beason.

The three boys were out of school for a snow day. Sims fears if they hadn't been home, “Probably wouldn't have known anything about it until the house was up in smoke”.

The bravery of one 8-year-old boy and his little brothers made all the difference.

"I probably would have lost my daughter if it hadn't been for them," said Beason. "Yeah they are heroes. Yep they are, sure are."

The mother and baby are still at the hospital; both are expected to be ok. The mother is suffering from minor cuts and bruises.

The cause of the fire is under investigation but is believed to have been the water heater exploding.



A fire has destroyed a home and left a pregnant mother and her four children without a place to stay. 

It happened around 2:00 p.m. on Carroll Drive in Ringgold. 

The mother and one of the children were taken to the hospital as a precaution. 

The cause of the fire is under investigation but is believed to have been the water heater exploding. 

There are three boys ages 9-5-years-old and a 1-year-old girl. 

Sizes needed are: 

9-year-old boy - 8-10, shoes 2

7-year-old boy - 6, shoes 1

5-year-old boy - 5, shoes 13

1-year-old girl - 12 months, shoe 4

Mom (5 months pregnant) - 5 pants, medium shirt, shoes 7.

If you would like to help this family contact Carol Barrett at Cloud Springs Lodge 423-320-7266.