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Liquor sales spike during winter weather

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People are preparing for more snow over the next few days, and although people joke about stocking up on milk and bread, what they are actually going out to buy is booze.

"That's what I want, I definitely want that more than the bread and milk," said Jamie Campbell at Riverside Wine & Spirits, "It's not like I'm going to be home making french toast!"
Customers admit, yes they have been stocking their pantries, but also their bar.

"The weather, the way it's been, it's been off and on with snow, ice, snow, ice," said James Harvey, "So might as well do it now."

"We had some errands to do here we decided to stop here at Riverside and stock up," said Carol Sampson.
The Sampsons drove in from Sewanee, filling up their cart before they could get stuck in another snowstorm.

"It's real difficult to drink what you don't have," Drew Sampson said.
They're not the only ones.

Liquor companies have been asking for more orders to keep their shelves full, and the Nashville-based delivery company that fills those orders is still making up for days last week when the drivers couldn't travel.

"And now we're working five days this week when we normally work four." said Richard Mason of Lipman Brothers Distributors.
Riverside raked in more than $22,000 in liquor sales last Friday (2/20) when there was the threat for a snow storm. Compare that to the Friday one month earlier (1/23) when they totaled around $17,000 for the night.
Campbell remembers having all registers open last Friday and still lines of customers were weaving through shelves.

"Once the weather was imminent, we had for a couple hours just everybody was flooding in here," Campbell said.

Friday night is usually the busiest night of the week for the liquor store and last Friday, not only did they make about $5,000 more in alcohol sales, but they even had to close a few hours earlier because of the snow storm.

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