The snow blanketed many parts of the Tennessee Valley Tuesday morning including North Georgia. It made for slick conditions on several roadways.

In Dade County, the higher elevations saw ice. Road crews were out in morning salting the highway on Sand Mountain and are on standby to treat the roads again.

Tuesday morning, Highway 136, the main thoroughfare down Sand Mountain into Trenton, had to be shut down because of a few slide-offs and accidents. Workers with the Dade County Highway Department spent the morning clearing area roadways and the rest of the day refueling and filling the salt and gravel trucks to prepare for round two. Seven trucks are on standby to treat the roads.

"They put down some salt. Yeah, they did put down some salt," says Joshua Stone.

Stone runs a barber shop that sits on Highway 136, going up Sand Mountain.

"It can create a lot of trouble. It just backs people up," he says.

In the seven years he has owned the shop, he has seen first-hand the problems snow can bring.

"From what I can see when it does snow, the traffic gets piled up, usually all the way down to the end of the mountain."

In the meantime, he is open for business and says he will keep cutting hair until more snow falls. 

"I do have The Lord on my side. That's a comfort to know," says Stone.

While the winter weather creates trouble for some, it is a joy for others.

"It's awesome!" proclaims Gage Copeland.

Seven-year-old Gage Copeland does not mind the interruption at all.

"I already put on my school clothes! But then my dad found out on Channel 3."

He is using the time off to practice making the perfect snowball.

"I'm pretty sure we might have another day off of school. That's alright with me! I like off days!"

The snow that fell is a preview of what is to come Wednesday night. The main concern in the coming days are the secondary roads, which will most likely be covered.