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Winter weather eating up school days

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MARION COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - It didn't matter if you were cheering for Marion County or CSAS, many were wondering the same thing—the weather.

“I heard we're supposed to get some more snow tonight or in the morning,” Tomica Sivels said.

Districts across the region have missed multiple days of school and with more weather expected comes the threat of more snow days.

“If it's snowing, I go outside and play in the snow, but if it's not I just stay inside,” Brittany Perry said.

Students may like getting out of school but many parents, like Sivels, are wondering how the days will effect Spring and Summer breaks.

“We normally take our vacation over Spring Break,” Sivels added.

“That would mess with their summer and I don't like that, it kind of upsets me,” Amanda Perry said.

Marion County Superintendent Mark Griffith says his county has missed six total days so far and has 10 days built into the school's calendar.

“So if we get to the point where we miss 11 days, upon that 11th day, I'll make a request to the Governor's office and to the Department of Education to waive that day,” Griffith said.

He says he ran into that situation three years ago and says his request was granted because of a State of Emergency had been issued.

And while he can only speak on behalf of his county, he agrees snow days take a toll on learning anywhere.

“Every day we're out of instructional time it does affect the academics of those students and the teachers have to work very hard to get them caught back up,” Griffith said.

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