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AAA: Average gas prices are on a steady increase

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - For nearly one month, gas prices have steadily gone up. The price at the pump jumped another 4 cents last week. 

But officials say it's to be expected.  It's been about 28 days and with each one, we see drivers shelling out more money for gas.  

In fact, nationally, on average the price at the pump has hiked 27 cents since January 26, when they hit a low.  

According to AAA, the average gallon of regular gas, is $2.30, nationally.  

That's up one penny since last night. In Tennessee, drivers can expect to hand over $2.12 per gallon of regular gasoline.  

Last month, that price was $1.89. And in Georgia, $2.23 per gallon is the average going rate, which was again below the $2 mark, at $1.99, a month ago.  

 But, officials say there is a reason. They say gas prices normally rise between 30 - 50 cents during the spring, as refineries conduct seasonal maintenance.  

This is one of two times a year refineries do maintenance on their equipment.

They're preparing to switch from winter-blend to summer-blend fuel and that's required by the environmental protection agency.

It's not expected that gas prices rises as much as last year. Which could save American families about $750 in 2015.

To check out daily gas prices in your neighborhood go to the Fuel Finder

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