The recent cold snap that Chattanooga just came out of is putting strain on area roads. Even after the ice and snow melt, there is still more trouble because of the cold weather.

"The bane of our existence. Potholes," said TDOT spokesperson Jennifer Flynn, "This is the time of year that they just all of a sudden appear and this weather has not helped us out at all."


Crews spent all week keeping these roads clear of snow and ice but now there's a new problem to attack.

"I definitely noticed on the highway, especially going over the bridge there is an increase in potholes," said Kate Probasco of Lookout Mountain.

"There's plenty of potholes and I don't see it getting any better," said Shirley Adams of Chattanooga, "I mean there's going to be more bad weather and what they're doing is not holding up anyways."


TDOT looks for potholes on interstates and state routes but because the winter weather isn't over, filling them with cold mix is only a temporary fix.

"They'll do the best they can to get them repaired and then keep them that way until we can make a more permanent fix," Flynn said, "Until the weather improves and it gets warmer.""


While TDOT takes care of state roads, public works handles the city streets.


Those crews pothole patch on an as-need basis. If you call 3-1-1 and report a pothole, crews will then go out to make repairs.

On Monday afternoon TDOT reported a change of plans, saying crews have to put the pothole repairs on hold for the rest of the day and prepping roads for the possibility of snow Monday night.

The city could get a dusting overnight and road crews want to have the roads treated with brine before that happens.