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TEMA: Storms, freezing temps cause 30 deaths in Tennessee

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(UPDATE) - Tennessee remains at a Level II-State of Emergency, since 3 p.m., CST on Feb. 21, 2015. 

The original elevation to a Level III – State of Emergency for this winter storm was at 9 p.m. on Feb. 16, 2015. 

This is a late update on the confirmed, weather-related fatalities in Tennessee, which have increased to 30.


Tennessee has 30, confirmed, weather-related fatalities:

· Benton County – One (1) fatality: 64-year-old female, motor vehicle accident

· Campbell County – Two (2) fatalities

- 76-year-old male, weather related

- 32-year-old-male, weather related

· Claiborne County – Two (2) fatalities

- 63-year-old male, weather related

- 53-year-old male, weather related

· Cumberland County – One (1) fatality: 83-year-old male, carbon monoxide poisoning

· Hamilton County – One (1) fatality: 63-year-old male, hypothermia related

· Haywood County – One (1) fatality: 40-year-old female, motor vehicle accident

· Henry County – Two (2) fatalities:

- 64-year-old female, hypothermia related

- 69-year-old male, hypothermia related

· Hickman County One (1) fatality: 67-year-old male, dialysis patient, unable to get to treatment

· Knox County – Four (4) fatalities:

- 30-year-old male, motor vehicle accident

- 75-year-old male, fire

- 68-year-old female, fire

- 47-year-old male, fire

· Moore County – One (1) fatality: 73-year-old male, hypothermia

· Overton County – One (1) fatality: 38-year-old female, motor vehicle accident

· Polk County – One (1) fatality: 79-year-old male, weather related

· Roane County – One (1) fatality: 44-year-old male, hypothermia related

· Sequatchie – One (1) fatality: 85-year-old male, hypothermia related

· Sevier – Two (2) fatalities,

- 70-year-old female, weather related;

- Male (age unknown), weather related

· Shelby County – Three (3) fatalities:

- 48-year-old male, hypothermia related

- Male (age unknown), hypothermia related

- (Demographics unknown), hypothermia related

· Sumner County – One (1) fatality: Male, 60s, weather related

· Wayne County – One (1) fatality: 82-year-old male, weather related

· Weakley County – One (1) fatality: 82-year-old male, hypothermia

· Williamson County – Two (2) fatalities:

- 34-year-old female, motor vehicle accident

- 10-year-old male, motor vehicle accident

State officials say the storms and freezing temperatures this past week in Tennessee caused 22 deaths.

Gov. Bill Haslam elevated Tennessee on Saturday to a higher level state of emergency, meaning hard-hit areas may be eligible for state and federal assistance.

Forecasters say the heavy precipitation has gone, but most of the state will see low temperatures in the teens to mid-20s the rest of the week.

Parts of the state could get about a half-inch of snow Sunday night, with some freezing rain and sleet in parts of West Tennessee. However, the remainder of the week is expected to be cloudy and partly sunny.

According to the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency, there are about 32,000 power outages in Tennessee.

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