Dangerous weather conditions made for a tough drive in north Georgia.

At one point, the roads got so bad Shanekia Adams had to pull over at a gas station in Ringgold and call for help for her and her son.

“The ground was covered and we made it up to the Conaco and I called my husband and said I can't drive in it. I was sliding. So he's coming to pick us up,” Adams said.

GDOT crews couldn't keep up with the snow and ice on their routes. Channel 3 ran into one crew that was having a tough time keeping the salt they were spreading from freezing.

“Our salt was sticking to the sides of the truck. It started freezing in there. It quit coming out like it was supposed to so we're trying to bust it up so it will come out and keep spreading,” Tim Stinson with GDOT said.

The dangerous conditions made even seasoned drivers nervous. We came across Marion Weiler from Illinois. He's passing through after a vacation in Daytona. Even with his experience of driving through ice and snow much worse than this, he says many of the drivers around him were going too fast.

“They need to slow down. They're doing pretty good so far but they all need to slow down, pay attention to what's ahead of them,” Weiler added.

Because it's not about where you're going, but getting there safely.