Tennessee's Department of Health has taken action against three area medical professionals after criminal charges were filed, according to a released statement.

Dr. Raymond Brown
, of McDonald, voluntarily surrendered his medical license and agreed to pay costs not exceeding $500 to the state health department.He pleaded guilty in federal court to using misbranded drugs with the intent to defraud Medicare. He was ordered to forfeit more than $6 million seized from his bank account and pay an additional $717,000 in cash. He is expected in federal court in Chattanooga March 5 for sentencing. He faces up to three years in prison. His Bradley Pain Management Clinic, no longer has a certificate.

Dr. Jerome Sherard
had his license revoked and has been ordered to pay costs not exceeding $10,000 after he pleaded guilty to conspiring to illegally distribute drugs.

Sherard was arrested after helping run a high-scale pill mill operation in Chattanooga. Sherard worked a pain clinic owned by Barbara Lang. There were several locations that grossed more than $4 million.

Geoffrey Peterson
, of Dunlap, had his registered nurse and advanced practice nurses licenses suspended by the department. The department released a statement saying Peterson was unfit or incompetent by reason of negligence. Peterson is accused of abusing and hoarding more than 80 animals. Some of them were found dead by authorities. Peterson, who faces charges of four counts of aggravated animal cruelty, is due in court today in Sequatchie County.

Other violations of medical professionals and practices in the Tennessee Valley include:

Morningside of Cleveland
has to pay a $500 civil penalty after failing to dispose of expired medication and possessing medications with missing expiration date levels.

Robin Terrero
, of Cleveland, voluntarily surrendered her license after a Tennessee Board of Pharmacy investigation showed that her practice used unsafe ingredients and that she falsified records. Wellness Store Compounding Pharmacy, which she owns in Cleveland, also has no license now.

Scenic City Medical Equipment
in Hixson operated without obtaining a valid license. The business has a $200 penalty.

Dr. Daniel Cosby
of Hixson will have his dental license reprimanded and ordered to pay $800 fine after performing conscious sedation without permits.

Dr. Charles G. Davidson
, of Athens, has to pay a $500 penalty and his license is now reprimanded after allowing an unlicensed person to perform work.

By law, the Tennessee Department of Health releases disciplinary action taken against medical professionals statewide each month.