Some Soddy Daisy residents are not too happy about a new liquor store that will soon set up shop in the area, but others say too late.

The proposed location for the liquor store is a few hundred yards away from Allen Elementary School, and a couple churches, some parents are upset.

City Commissioners discussed it at a meeting Thursday night, but the parameters had already been legally set in past discussion and votes, so the liquor store will go in the Dallas Hollow Road location. Those on both sides of the issue were vocal at the meeting tonight.

April Sumner, Soddy Daisy resident, "He went by all the right channels and this was voted in by the city and the residents of Soddy Daisy that we were gonna allow these liquor stores and specification so I feel like now is not the time to fuss about it, the time was back then."

Jamie Lemay, "I just wish that the parameters would have been set higher, distances greater, you know, it's Soddy Daisy it's a small town, small in size we've grown in numbers, but it's actual size doesn't justify having 3,4,5, liquor stores."

The liquor store location was approved by a unanimous vote.