Some things just can't wait.

Such was the case with one McMinn County family, whose newborn baby decided to make an early appearance this week. 911 dispatchers helped the couple deliver the baby inside their home before emergency responders could arrive.

Stephen Stewart and Brittany Russell's baby girl wasn't due until next month. But early Tuesday morning, with roads covered in ice, baby Paige decided to arrive in the middle of her parent's living room.

The couple planned on going to the hospital, but wouldn't have had time to get there, regardless of the icy roads. The new mom woke up her husband about 30 minutes before going into labor, and the baby was there within minutes after calling 911.

"911, what's your emergency?"

"Yeah, I think my wife is having our baby," Stewart told the dispatcher.

Roughly 10 minutes after the call came in, the couple welcomed their new 6 lb.14 oz. baby girl.

"I just happened to answer it, and it went from there," said Paul Pickel, the 911 dispatcher who helped walk the couple through the delivery.

After 20 years experience, he said it's the first call of its kind.

"When he lost his cell signal and I called him back on the regular line, he was like, she's already there, it's coming out," Pickel said.

After Paige was born, Pickel's female supervisor helped walk the new dad through what to do until emergency crews got there.

"We got him calmed back down and that was it. Ambulance and first responders got there," Pickel said.

"The baby's fine, she's actually moving around a little bit," Stewart told dispatch.

Mom & baby were still doing well in the hospital and were set to be discharged on Thursday.