UPDATE: A man who pleaded guilty to shooting is his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend in 2015 is back in jail for a probation violation.

According to court documents, 24-year-old Michael William Shavers pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted second degree murder on June 7, 2018.

Investigators testified that Shavers confessed to shooting at his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend while they were in a truck in Lookout Valley in April of 2015.

Instead of jail time, Shavers was given “10 years of supervised probation on GPS monitoring with 24 hour curfew (house arrest),” according to court records.

Records show Shavers failed two drug screens, testing positive for marijuana and Xanax the first time and marijuana the second time.

Shavers' probation was ultimately revoked.

Shavers is being held in the Hamilton County Jail without bond. He is scheduled to appear in court on September 13.

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PREVIOUS UPDATE: Michael Shavers' case will now go before a grand jury and he keeps a high bond after his preliminary hearing wrapped up Friday morning.

The investigator testified that Shavers confessed to shooting at his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend's truck in Lookout Valley earlier this month.

"He told police he was upset because his girlfriend lied to him and he left the house to go get some answers," said Investigator Kevin Willoughby. "He said he was aiming at the bed of the truck and was not inending to kill them, he was intending to scare them."

The judge said she believed the intent was to kill because the gun was purchased two weeks prior and because he fired eight shots into the truck.

The case now goes to the grand jury.

PREVIOUS STORY: "How do you know Mister Shavers?" inquired Prosecutor Cameron Williams.

"I dated him, for about a year, and then we broke up about two months ago," testified gunshot victim Ashley Harris, who adds that ever since breaking up with 21-year-old Michael Shavers, he has stalked and threatened her on Facebook and SnapChat.

Now, he's facing 2-counts of attempted murder.

Detectives say he shot her twice and her new boyfriend once, as the couple left the Cummings Highway Waffle House.  Harris is still recuperating from the bullets that ripped her abdomen and leg.

"He said you needed to die because of what?" asked presiding General Sessions Court Judge Lila Statom.

"He said I couldn't be with anybody but him," replied Harris.

"What were the pictures that he would send?" queried Williams again.

"Pictures of guns and bullets, he asked if I had made peace with my maker," said Harris.

Harris also testified Thursday that Shavers' younger brother called her just 20 minutes before the shooting.

"I looked down and see a bullet almost hanging out of my leg and I looked over at her, Miss Ashley and I see she had blood spots all over," said boyfriend Joshua Maples, who says he initially mistook the gunshots as his truck engine backfiring soon after they left the Waffle House.

Maples says he drove straight to Erlanger's Emergency Room where he later found bullet holes, riddling the side of his truck where Harris was seated.

Maples says he also knows the accused for about a year too, and that after the shooting, he found a Facebook message from Shavers, 90 minutes before he allegedly attacked the couple.

"I figured he wanted to fight or something," said Maples.

As the hearing concluded, Judge Lila Statom said she would defer on a ruling. "At this point in time, I probably could make a decision in this case, but I've been asked to hold off until the detective testifies," said Judge Statom.

The hearing is expected to be complete Friday.