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Heartwarming Hairstylist: Single dad becomes hairdresser for his daughter

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Greg Wickherst  and his daughter Izzy. Greg Wickherst and his daughter Izzy.

PUEBLO, CO (KOAA) - A single dad in Colorado is gaining international fame this week over the way he styles his daughter's hair. Greg Wickherst has shaved his head since he was in his early 20's and said a few months ago he was completely baffled by trying to put a simple pony tail in his daughter Izzy's hair.

"I actually posted that on Facebook one time that I couldn't do a pony tail and I got sent the video of the guy doing it with the nozzle from his vacuum cleaner," Wickherst said.

Wickherst tried the vacuum trick but couldn't get it to work right. When he shared his dilemma with a coworker at IntelliTec College, she suggested he go to their cosmetology school for some pointers.

He met with a student named Ashley Rivera who spent a few hours with him using mannequins to get down the basics.

"He honestly didn't know to do pony tail and then before you knew it, he just picked up braids so fast, I was like oh my gosh, I didn't even pick it up that fast," Rivera said.

It seemed Wickherst had discovered a hidden talent. With a few weeks of practicing, he was giving Izzy double and triple braids, buns and a number of other styles.

"My favorite is doing one large pony tail and one small one to the side and braiding both of them and then wrapping that around so you don't see the rubber band," he said.

He started to post the photos on his Facebook account when he read an article about single parents on the Huffington Post.

"In there it said if you have any fathers that would like to send pictures," he said. "So, I sent an email that had the Facebook album and they said we want to do an article just on you and the fact that you did this."

The story quickly spread among HuffPo readers worldwide.

"I've gotten several messages from all of the world, people from Hungary and Switzerland saying that it really meant a lot to them," Wickherst said.

He's still not sure what to think about all of the sudden attention.

"I think it's a pretty crazy story that this is even happening because there are so many different things that dads and moms do as well," he said. "There are so many single moms that learn football or learn construction."

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