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Do you have these items in case your car gets stranded?

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When winter weather strikes there are usually some problems on the roadways and drivers end up needing help.

If you do call for assistance, chances are you're not the only one, or your rescuer may be facing the same challenges as you.

Driving on back roads is where drivers are going to face major problems. Wednesday brought quite a bit of snow to roads in Marion and Grundy counties, and underneath the snow are slick and slippery conditions.

"We've had several wrecks this morning due to the ice on the back roads," said Marion County Sheriff Ronnie Burnett, "Nobody was hurt but we have had several wrecks this morning."
Police and first responders are usually first to the scene when a car goes off the road. But in situations less serious a towing company is called.

"Believe it or not you don't get so many accidents as you do people's batteries going dead because the hard conditions, cold conditions," said Taylor Ruth of R&R Road Service in Monteagle, "People can't get into their cars because their froze solid, the keyholes are froze solid."
After calling a tow truck, Ruth says it can be more than an hour wait for many stranded drivers.
Put blankets/warm clothes, snacks, a phone charger and a first aid kit in your car tonight before the conditions get even worse.

"Your back roads and even some of the main roads, you're going to see a lot of the ice. black ice," Ruth said, "You're going to see a lot of that issue right around in this area because the roads are so slushy right now."
Ruth says Wednesday's snow didn't come with a single call for help.

"This time we had a pretty good warning and everybody knew what was coming and planned for it, expected it," Ruth said.
Schools in Grundy and Marion counties have already closed through Thursday, giving families even more of a reason to stay at home.

"You know tonight and tomorrow night I'm afraid a lot of the back roads are going to be icy," said Sheriff Burnett, "If you can stay at home, stay at home unless it's an emergency."

With frozen conditions still in this week's forecast, that means many of the back roads will not be cleared off anytime soon.
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