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Downed trees snarl electricity to thousands

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TEN MILE, TN (WRCB) - So we've survived the ice storm and the snow fall, at least for now, but we are still dealing with the lingering after effects.  Case in point, fallen trees on power lines, making crews out and about trying to affect repairs or in the hopes of preventing future power outages.

From the ground it's a scene worthy of a Christmas card.  But look above to the tree line and the view gets a bit more sinister.
Limbs, if not complete trees, downed and taking with it, electrical service. 

"It's the ice that accumulates on the trees, the wind is breaking them, ice makes it heavy and then the snow didn't help anymore either,:" says VEC lineman Ty Ratcliff about what has left so many with that powerless feeling..

"Monday evening at four o'clock," quips Doug Moore of the last time he had electrical power. But Doug is better off than many of his neighbors as he has a propane heater to keep him warm as crews try to restore electricity to his stretch of Crabtree Hollow Road. 

As crews work, they also remind customers like Doug to be careful when using alternate sources of power like a generator

"Just make sure they've had an electrician to wire it up correct and through their meter base so it won't backfeed on us," warns Ratcliff. 

Of course if you come across a downed line the first thing you want to do is definitely do not touch it, it could still be active, secondly, you want to call your electric provider and let them know of a downed line in your area.  

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